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"If you get an opportunity to learn for free from not a good teacher and an option to spend your savings to learn from an experienced teacher , chose the latter " - Chankaya

 I got the right advice at just the right time. Travel places so you could learn the most.
I worked & thus travelled. Worked in different segments of Design Industry , at different profiles ,in different cities. Along the way , I found lakhs of people in the Industry contributing to the Indian Economy.

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The journey wasn't all planned since the start , but given the choices & opportunities , I am lucky to have witnessed such an incredible experience throughout the years.

The Journey into the real Design field after graduation and kick started with campus placements, where the first selected student in Mumbai Placements was the ones who rolled out her name as a Junior Designer in one of the Export houses famous in the city of Dreams , Mumbai !

A NIFT Kolkata graduate student placed in Mumbai. The journey wasn't smooth though , like my other collegues. But the chase continued. Bagging profiles  of a JD in Fashion & Lifestyle Accessories to Ethnic Menswear ,managing store in Banjara Hills , Hyderabad to being the Head designer & multiple in-house roles , from looking at sampling to production to packaging to buyer handling in a Lifestyle Products firm,back in Mumbai & Delhi for Domestic as well as multiple International Brands.As the overwhelmingly crazy initial years passed by , I knew what I was becoming good at as I plunged myself fully in the process.


After more than half a decade of hardcore Industrial experience , I embraced another turn into my career .Along with going online with a jewelry brand to a brick 'n' mortar Apparel & Jewelry  store , creating range for my own brand. Education was a welcoming change as I started teaching final year students getting ready to plunge into Industry , what I was an expert in . Visiting Faculty in a couple of Design Institutes in Delhi like International Womens Polytechnique & IMS Dia, Noida to being an HoD / Asst. Professor at AAFT University for School Of Fashion & Design in no less than a year's time.  The overwhelming response by students made me realize how important it is to understand the course from an Industry expert !

Life has gifted me the most precious thing , my life purpose. Now , from the other side of the table , I could see things clearer. gap still remained , intact. Now , even after almost a decade the students were as clueless about the future of Design as some of us were , back in 2010 ! And I decided to give back to the platform that gave me years of experience of working in different profiles , with different verticals in Fashion Industry contributing hugely to Indian Economy  making a huge global contribution, which sadly very few of us are aware  (count our families too!)

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 Through my journey , I witnessed huge gap , still existence between  Design Enthusiast & Industry Demands.
Design Insiders is a Contribution to Design Industry as the platform aims to bind together folks from all segments related from Fashion & Design Industry into a string ,where each of us Discover & learn from each other and grow together !

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Fashion & Designing is often conceived 'Creative'. But the definition doesn't end there , there's an enormously huge world related to the 'creative sector'. Design Insiders is an answer to quest for these pillars : the contributors , the Design students ,Designers of various specifications ,  the karigars , the crafts , the companies and needless to say the symbiotic relation with different verticals without which a huge segment of Design segment wouldn't be able to push forward.

It's ironical though that a lot of students ,even after cracking the most sought- after competition to get into one of the most prestigious Design Colleges of India , are so vaguely informed or aware of the course curriculum for which the competition is as cut -throat as ever & Instructors as mushroomed out like never before. What's more disturbing is even with so much information about everything you want to know at just a click away ,scope and importance of Designing or taking up Creative Careers is still not a mainstream choice .

"My life would change for -ever" , an aspirant says. Another confidently spills out the thrill, "NIFT is my dream. It is heaven! I will be on cloud 9 if I be there ". The words have a spark. We wish the spark to remain intact. And the only thing that can make one stand in confidence is , if the enthusiasm is amalgamated with the Power Of Knowledge.


We believe in learning . Learning from the best Expertise of that particular field. Designs Insiders is all about bringing the best learning experience to you whether you are a design aspirant , a college student pursuing Designing as a career , someone who wants to be in Design Industry ,start your own brand , be an entrepreneur , pursue or wish to a creative hobby or are here to learn and apply values to your life that will change your life for-ever.

We aim to bring the best of in-hand knowledge for your ultimate growth based on real-life experiences , as we inculcate events and programmes conducted by Industry Experts to Guide , Mentor & Share their Secret Formula to Excel and Upgrade in different sectors of Design Field.



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