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Bamboo is one of the oldest craft of India. Usually, this handicraft involves in making utility and home products. These products are aesthetically beautiful and have tremendous functionality. This is one of the craft that is practiced throughout India in different forms and style.

In earlier times, people usually made their own products using materials that are naturally grown and locally available. Bamboo is one of them and oldest known for product making. Later on, these products sold in haats as people get more civilized. Hence when populations increase the demand also increases and the craft get popularised all over the country. Today many designers, small businesses and startups are doing innovation in this craft and making beautiful products. Typical product range of bamboo includes Boxes, teapots, chairs, baskets and many other interior products.

In local language, Bamboo has different varieties like Sundi, Barjali, Harua, Golla and more. Three main species of commercially exploited cane/bamboo are Jati, Tita and Lejai. Bamboo crafts are practiced in various states of India including Manipur, Tripura, Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Kerala.

Special Features of Bamboo Products:

  • In Manipur, there is wide range of traditional to modern products including sofa sets, murhas, mats, basketry, tray, chair, table, flower vases and ash trays. Beautiful room dividers, stage and mandap backdrops are also been eventually made in Manipur.