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SMB Stories : From an Artist to Art- Business - ANURADHA LATE

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Artist by heart but a teacher by accident, our guest of the week Mrs 'Anuradha late' popularly known as Anu Tai, is originally from Osmanabad, but after marriage, she has been living in Bhaykhala Mumbai for the past 17 years. She has been an amateur artist for a long time, and then one day she decided to take it up as a vocation.

She's been very keen on painting since a very tender age and wanted to become an artist, but destiny had some other plans for her. After graduation, she got a chance of getting a B.Ed. degree Unaware of what will become of it she took a step forward and completed the course. After seven years of marriage, she commenced teaching in an institute. Her heart was still yearning for art.

Here, her husband has been an avid supporter. From providing all the materials required for painting to motivating her to satiate her desire. Not a trained artist,Mrs. Late's paintings are appreciated by many.

She also loved designing artificial jewellery. She states, that her parents still decorate their deities with the jewellery designed by her.She is a part of a joint family, she is loved and supported by the other members of the family. Her biggest support is her husband Sandesh's late and her son Dhruva. All her family members have a creative niche.

She started designing a necklace, pendant and other things required to make a set. She went on with it for almost a year.

Entrepreneurial Journey

There is someone in everyone's life who helps bring a turn to it. Her journey commenced when one of her familiarity bought all the earrings she made and placed an order for more. Her expertise in designing jewellery out of 'Khun fabric' made her stand out from the crowd.

A 4000 years old hand-woven fabric ,often called Khana in Karnataka and south India, Khan or Khun in Maharashtra; Khan is a fabric that has been in use as a blouse piece or choli piece for a very long time.

‘I’d never imagined that I would ever Design Jewelleries other than Earings’, said Mrs. Late.

So far, her customers are her acquaintance only. The demand increased over time. Her articles are appreciated by all a lot. She states, that it was all like a miracle to her. By the end of 2021, she had never imagined that she would ever do something of the sort.

Learning photo styling from Shraddha Gosavi inspired her to incorporate her artwork with her craft as the program offers opportunities in obstacles for Small Businesses with Designs Insiders and grow creatively with her unique Shadow-effect styling of her Jewellery.

She finds it so soulful, that she can spend hours doing it, without getting exhausted. Now she is doing what she always wished for.Anuradha has a long way to go with her brand 'Anuradha_Creative_Arts', and we wish her luck for the same.


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