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Bamboo Craft: Beauty, Sustainability and Functionality at its best

Bamboo is one of the oldest craft of India. Usually, this handicraft involves in making utility and home products. These products are aesthetically beautiful and have tremendous functionality. This is one of the craft that is practiced throughout India in different forms and style.

In earlier times, people usually made their own products using materials that are naturally grown and locally available. Bamboo is one of them and oldest known for product making. Later on, these products sold in haats as people get more civilized. Hence when populations increase the demand also increases and the craft get popularised all over the country. Today many designers, small businesses and startups are doing innovation in this craft and making beautiful products. Typical product range of bamboo includes Boxes, teapots, chairs, baskets and many other interior products.

In local language, Bamboo has different varieties like Sundi, Barjali, Harua, Golla and more. Three main species of commercially exploited cane/bamboo are Jati, Tita and Lejai. Bamboo crafts are practiced in various states of India including Manipur, Tripura, Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Kerala.

Special Features of Bamboo Products:

  • In Manipur, there is wide range of traditional to modern products including sofa sets, murhas, mats, basketry, tray, chair, table, flower vases and ash trays. Beautiful room dividers, stage and mandap backdrops are also been eventually made in Manipur.

There are different varieties of baskets using bamboo has been made at Manipur including Fish Traps, Chengbon, Miruk, Conical Baskets.

  • In Tripura, many items other than furniture are made including pencil holders, lamp shades, trays, stools, baskets, vases, hand fans, decorative fans, window screens, door screens, shopping bags, purses, hats, table mats and mugs.

  • The Bamboo and Cane Crafts of Tripura are famous for their creative skills of elegant baskets, small-framed mirrors, hair clips, powder cases, decorative trays, and decorations.

‘Dulla’ is the commonly used fish basket, and ‘Pathee’ is a rain shield. Small woven animals, ‘moorahs,’ a low stool made of bamboo, cane ornaments, mats, bags, fruit baskets, basketry, vases, and many other items are bamboo crafted.

  • Bamboo and Cane Crafts of Southern India are very common due to the abundant cultivation of bamboo plantations in this portion of India.

The major products made from bamboo include baskets, dolls, toys, mats, trays, flower baskets, shopping bags, folding fans, and more. Another popular item of South India comprises window screens made of bamboo slats tied with strings, plain or colored. These bamboo window screens are known as ‘chiks’ by the locals.

Major Brands of Bamboo Products:

Bamboo Pecker: Founded by Parameswaram K Iyer, who is trained in this craft by Mr. MP Ranjan & Susanth CV (NID Prof.), they taught him about bamboo and its positive impact on mother earth.

Their product range includes furniture for every corner of house (Customisation is also available), kitchenware, tableware, cookware, décor, lighting, garden and bamboo art installations. The each and every product is designed and developed here was by heart and soul of rural artisans.

· Uravu: For 22 years uravu is working towards upliftment of bamboo crafts. Setup at Wayanad district of Kerala, this brand is continuously working towards creating products and providing training as well as organising workshops for budding designers and small business owners. This centre of excellence act as a knowledge centre for bamboo studies. They are also providing jobs to rural artisans involved in this craft since ages.

· Beco India: Founded by trio Aditya, Anuj & Akshay in Mumbai. This brand is the outcome of strong realisation to save earth from toxic products.

The major product range includes Personal care & Grooming products such as tooth brushes, Cosmetics, body wash, shampoo, tissues, wipes & toothpicks and Kitchen products including tissue rolls, baking papers, garbage bags, floor cleaner, vegetable & fruits cleaner etc.

· Brown Living: Founded by Chaitisi Ahuja, She creates a team of earth advocates aiming to create sustainable way of living which is zero waste, ethically sourced, truly sustainable and plastic free. Major Bamboo products includes brushes, speakers, towel sets, loofah, flasks, resuable bandages, charging docs, cotton swabs, pen, razor, planters, period panties, cutlery, stationery etc.

Other major brands of Bamboo are The Better India , Bamboo India, Greenfeels, Prayay, Bamboo Bae etc.

Design Insiders hopes that this article will help budding designers, entrepreneurs, small businesses and even to consumers to get aware about the materials like Bamboo which is sustainable, impacting the mother earth in a beatiful way and is versatile for home décor and lifestyle products.


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