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Build Your Brand Identity as a Business !

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

I I was recently called by a Doctor friend back in my hometown, a 2-tier city.

His Clinic is now 10yo. He'd been away for further studies while his wife , another dental specialist became the face of the Clinic recently. They now have a very good clientele 'repeat customers' they said. But didn't know how to further proceed into gaining more clientele or becoming a known entity as the higher studies now gave the clinic a recognition of ' first radiology : oralcancer detection centre '.

The name had to be put out : Clear and to a wider audience.

While I sat with the two Doctors in their clinic ( with full of large equipments for a 2-tier city ) ,I asked if they were present online , who was their customer , did they have their data and if they had registered themselves on any other platforms, attended seminars or collaborated with similar field of works.

They showed me around , and as I went through each equipment all I could think was in terms of content and how the whole setup can be utilised to connect with client .

To him ,I was a designer. I'd earlier did his graphics related works. This time it was beyond just the logo  notepad and the personalized gifts. It was about branding. It was about project in a brand image that people would look up to.

After being in the business for 10 yr long , everything they answered came from experience. Now the experience had to be re-structured.

And thus I realised, branding isn't just for designers. It's the need of the hour. It is how you connect with your audience. It includes designing data analysis ,formulating ideas that would help you strategize content and indeed content is king today.

And probably , you might be in a b2b or b2c  business , you might be a doctor , lawyer , businessman ,run a school or university , be it political parties or catering services , everyone needs branding , offcourse after a good product that churns out revenue , as said by Peter Thiel in his international bestseller Zero to One !

In Context : NANDANI DENTAL CLINIC , Dr. Vijay Kumar Yadav , Dr. Madhu Kumari , Bokaro Steel City- Jharkhand



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