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Bumping into Mr. Angel List

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Thanks to the Pandemic, the only thing it helped us was staying back at our homes and figuring out shit while more shit was going on around the world. People sat back after a long nap. Some as long as 40 years !

Rusty old brushes and spiderweb blanketed old canvases came out. Along with it came out the 'mood' to sit back and enjoy things which got buried in the race of running to make a livelihood. The ultimate 9-5 sat back in sabbatical. And with the new norm and struggle for opportunities , the pandemic gave birth to creative geniuses all over the globe !

While reading one of the bestsellers from Tim , The 4 hour Work week , I came across an amazing formula. So , Mr. Tim asks to outsource whatever whenever is possible to achieve Time Freedom .An amazing magic word that is floating all across the internet with the startup boom is AUTOMATION - is a term for technology applications where human input is minimized. This includes business process automation (BPA), IT automation, personal applications such as home automation etc , as Quoted by IBM. Every startup is looking for the magic recipe that can reduce their workload and maximize their productivity, without having to hustle in the little necessary tasks.

While we were casually looking for content creators for our platform , with a tinge of design aesthetic in them with a creative flair of writing , I bumped into Angellist . What was quiet a surprize was that I'd already met Naval in my closet. I knew he has been an angel investor , I knew I picked up terms like ' Happiness , Specific Knowledge & Productize Yourself' from him . But bumping into him accidently , made me re-ethink if this is the same company Mr. Angel List had formed!

A market full of startups across the world , hiring and sharing positions from telecallers to CEO &CTO . Companies building a wallet for WEB3 to 3D animation companies, E-commerce platforms such as Meesho to Fintech based Companies. All across the Globe!

Woah that's a hell of a date , you see. What else would a start-up crave for ? A remote working co-ordinator who takes up calls , co-ordinates different touch points , writes contents , works on sales profiles , everything with a click away ? Such an incredible platform for freelancers to access the startups directly and work for them in their said time and space. Isn't this the theory of co-working spaces to remote working companies like Automattic , which employs remote around 500+ workers across 80+ countries stand for? A work-free environment yet productivity is what one is looking for !

Is it the age we bid bye-bye to the 9-5 pandemic or the Indian Corporate mentality of 9-9 epidemic where the attendence roaster clucks everytime you get the 15th minute late , while the clock stops working after 6? Calling on for meetings at 6pm calls for 'duty' of the employee and sitting past 8 has become a norm.

Startups are a mix or organized & unorganized groups of organizations , figuring out what will work best for them , unlike the corporates where the 10 yr plan is already charted out today. While the funding rounds have been taken as a congratulatory occasion , it's just the start for startups for pouring in more efforts. The Date with Mr. Angel List makes me fall in love with the power of internet , connectivity , and the mere fact that we startups aren't the one alone. We can hire army of dedicated freelancers across the globe while we sit at our desk , looking forward to growing our businesses.Indeed that's what a startup is meant to solve - problems of Startups in shelling out to much finances in recruiting talents , the cost of infrastructure minimized by connecting them to progressive and dedicated services based freelancers. A perfect match !


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