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Can you switch sectors as a designer?An artist merging Art & Design

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Born and brought up in Kolkata, West Bengal; Kanishtha Saha Choudhury – the founder of Pen Pencil Pen affirms working on both hand and Digital media skills together would take us a long way. Graduating as a Leather Designer, Kanishtha worked for different brands as a Fashion Accessories designer & then with that experience explored an entirely different world. The master's degree in designing was her turning point.


We dug up her journey as she continues reaching new heights.

“Drawing is the base of anything, I have been drawing since childhood!”, the designer gleams with shine in her eyes as she remembers since she was 3. "Since then I am very creative." We asked her how does she extravagantly puts her artwork as digital illustrations when it is watercolor, acrylic & gauche that she has been playing with all these years only to realize that a digital illustration can be as good when a person knows the basics of strokes even with a pen!

Pen_Pencil_Pen is an Instagram handle, where the Designer puts out illustrations with variations of many elements such as different characters, Animal & various Species, Psychedelic Series, Alphabetical Series & Little Stationaries like bookmarks, calender & notebooks; all with the USP Pen_pencil_pen stands for : Handmade Art & Illustrations!

Hand-painted totes, Couple illustrations & Murals are services that the designer provides a customized service to, as well. What’s most interesting is that these illustrations touch the cords of your heart as you connect to the Savage Savitri series which recognizes and empowers women or the Money Heist series of illustrations which makes it so relatable to the original series.

After all, these are skills, what you do of the skills matters! And that’s how Pen_pencil_pen is carving out space in the hearts of not just designers and artists but any person in the world! Raising issues of Social taboos that are not discussed much, political agendas, the strict no-no’s: things that one finds uncomfortable talking and matter so much, are depicted artistically and stories were drawn out too well.

We felt awestruck at the consistency the designer has the all that Kanishtha has to say is ‘Practice, Patience & Perseverance ‘, as the triple P's of the logo. From the early works of doodling & watercolor art to the digital illustration series, the transition has been smooth. And so we dive deeper into the art, designing & more.


The Designer in Ms. Saha, answers, ‘ Art might not need a purpose, while Design is a commercial version of art’. Art doesn’t abide by any rules, it’s an absolute stand-alone. Though it can be sold at a price way beyond! Design is all about rules, entity & purpose.’

Designing has a lot to do with functionality. Designing is a process. A purpose is given to a problem at a given time & situation. If the purpose is not there, the design wouldn’t be of any use. Purpose gives an entity to the design. The process of nurturing a purpose & finding out the solution is what designing is all about.

What is Designing according to you ?

For a design to be a perfect solution, I feel the design should be 60% Utilitarian, 40% aesthetic appealing, says the designer who feels delighted switching her career with a new concept that’s ruling the world: User Experience Design or UX as her journey started with first-hand experience in Lollypop design Studio.

It’s all about the user’s experience. That's what a UX designer does. Efficiency is always a factor the user / the client decides because after all User is the King !

What makes a UI/UX designer different from an Accessories Designer?

An accessory can be anything from belt, shoes , hat to any lifestyle product. It’s a tangible product, that might take a single hand to design and a couple of more people to develop. The nd result is a product can be made in a couple of days to a week's time at max. While in UI /UX, the final product actually goes through a lot of processes & inter-disciplinary works involves minds from various backgrounds and skillsets. An UI or a UX designer is a part of the whole process. Here the products is an App , or a website , branding &/marketing product. The work of a UX designer touches the entire end-to-end journey of a user’s interaction with a product .

Is UX for designers only or Is it for techies only?

It’s an extra perk if you know the tech part like coding when you are designer, though it is not essential. It is more like knowing the tools well so you can prove your designs right & sellable & convince the products to clients as one would be well aware of the product from scratch to end .

And as we begin ahead the journey of this designer, the designer is filled with gratitude. ‘ I feel immensely happy to have studied Designing in this era , that Designing is being taught in such depth. Both my experiences in NIFT kolkata & NID Delhi , has been a crucial step in becoming the designer I am becoming with each passing day.

Happy Designing !


To watch our Live Session , Click the Link Below


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