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Updated: Feb 13, 2023

A quick overview how Designing is an endless business term. There are endless courses , colleges & online platforms training you to recognize your passion project & turn into a magic wand that would earn you a fortune for life!

Let's skim through the core of Designing: Production! A fashion designer usually learns is about the construction of garments and the basics of selling it. Let's put this system into money churning mechanism that has worked since centuries. It has connected thousands of artists from every nook and corner creating processes and equipment that makes the process easier and becomes an incredibly important part of the whole big economic building formula.

Ever since hemp was grown in ancient Egypt to make a fabric and dyed with natural dyeing agents red mud and turmeric to going undergoing the Industrial Revolution during the 18th Century, where churning out huge quantities of clothing and products came just at the expense of few steps and huge machinery. The whole Business Model changed !

What changed dramatically was evidently visible to the world. From owning few clothes to mending the old because they all were hand-crafted the revolutionary change was endured with open arms. A number of new inventions meant that labor was in demand. Since factories had brand new machines that wove and produced cotton at greater speeds, they needed more people to organize the fabrics, operate the machines and facilitate the entire process & so did other service that grew eventually when people were no longing to own clothes because of necessity but became Fashion Concious.

At present, more than 60 percent of world clothing exports are manufactured in developing countries. Asia is the major world supplier today, producing more than 32 percent of the world's clothing exports.

So what processes do these Clothing, Footwear, Jewelry, Home Decor Items, Accessories, Products, Furnitures, Ceramics, etc. go through before they are just a click away from reaching your cart?

Let's have a flashback!

So while you are just wondering that the world of Designing revolves only around Designing , it's time to fit yourself in the Universe ! From a fabric dyer to artwork maker for embossing, from Printing little logo's to huge rotary printers, from little workshops that manufacture clothing , accessories, products to humongous Export & Buying houses , the sector of Designing associated are meant to hold hands together to run the show. What's more exciting is the vertical the whole model extends to and the diverse background people it involves.

The reverse trip from an e-commerce platform that sells Furniture Urban Ladder, let's have a look at the Creative Pillars who made the Coffee Table take an extravagant space in the e-retail backdrop. The Furniture Designer designs the table, the Packaging Designer designs the tags that stick to the base to mention it's details to designing everything that this table can be transported to any location across the country without a scratch! A product Styling Expert assists the Photographer in the photoshoot. The Editor or the Graphic Designer cleans out the unnecessary elements makes an irresistible ad banner that makes you buy it at just a look !

Global design industry to be $162 billion and believe multiple software categories used in design will grow more than 20% this year.

Sometimes these Furniture brands collaborate with Influencers & Resellers to sell their products along with the mainstream platforms meant to sell their product. Exhibitions (both Online & Offline) & Events are few places that organize showcasing product lines. Branding is the core essence at each step. Visual Communicators play an essential role to assist Brand Strategist market the product. Exhibition Designing is a huge agenda in itself, involving Graphic Designers making huge billboards to stall details, Stall Designers, Space Designers, Set Designers, Models ,Choreographers & MUA (in case of fashion & styling) are assisting hands to these Event organizers. And in case, you need your very own app or website , a designer is what you'll need anyways !

All so much and we are still guessing around if or not there is any scope of Design! This is just a bird's eye view to the sector. There's a huge world out there the designers are extending their skills while following their passion. And along with their journey, joining hands with other creative peers to make , launch, market & sell their product lines.



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