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SMB Stories : From household chore to Dream Roar DEWAL SHEKHAWAT

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Life is what we make of it. It is a journey with problems to solve, lessons to learn but most of all experience to enjoy. Our Entrepreneur of the week completely portrays this.

Amidst thousands of responsibilities towards home , family , relatives , a dream finally broke to fruition when the wrath of Covid actually brought so many things around us to hault.

A problem most women face in their career is a break. A break while she got married , a break when she got pregnant , a break when people around her in need of her.

The hault had been long. 15 years !

Amongst all the chaos that went on for years , Mrs. Shekhawat , wife of Mr. Vikram Singh Shekhawat , Assistant Commandant , BSF roared like a warrior breaking her 15years long hault to start of with dream she had dreamt long back, but wasn't able to execute.What never died inside this ignited soul was that she never let her inner desire die.

Mrs. Dewal Shekhawat from Churu, Rajasthan has had a very deep interest in art and craft since her childhood. She did her schooling in Nagaur and graduated from Bhavani Niketan College. Her creativity never allowed her to be a part of the crowd. She had a knack of creativity that it shined everywhere.

Her lawyer father encouraged her to get a degree in Fashion Design but her marriage right after engagement didn't allow her to pursue her training further. Waking up very early in the morning , Dewal stole some time for herself before getting engaged in household chores. She adopted a very unique way to achieve her dreams. She used to maintain a diary where she used to write down every day that someday she would achieve what she had been dreaming of since long.She never shied away from her responsibilities.

They say , you grow exponentially when you have support back at home .Her husband and her kids were her biggest support throughout her journey.

Experimenting with new ideas and recycling old jewellery has been Dewal's Passion ever since she started her journey. The creative jewel inside her took her to various School functions with Creative heads & Exhibitions & parties where her Jewellery were highly appreciated.

And thus started the journey of making Handmade Jewelleries from home. Mentored under another hugely dignified women in business Vishwa Modi , Dewal gained technical experience. It's been around half a dozen years that the name Jewellery Hub Rama's Creation has become a talk of her town and now on social media as well.



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