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Don’t be Useless, Use Less : Sustainable Decor Brands

A case study on use of Sustainable décor in recent years with focus on Indian Consumers

With increasing population, globalization and consumerism a high number of resources has been depleting day by day and hence it is not wrong to say that SUSTAINABILITY & ECO-DESIGN is the need of the hour.

Sustainable Design in recent years has been applied in all walks of life be it fashion or apparel, footwear, accessories and home décor. Many brands and designers have come up with many ideas and products that are sustainable in nature. Sustainability promotes many related aspects like eco-friendly designs, long product life cycle and fair trade.

How a product ends up


It is a myth to say that making your space sustainable or eco-friendly cost you your exotic lifestyle and it uses more neutral colors as well as monotonous textures. In the recent years, market for sustainable products has been changed without compromising its basic principle of eco-friendliness and zero-waste policy.

Focus has been shifted from monotonous and dull to make spaces that are more welcoming and warmer. There are three pillars of sustainability: Environmental, Economic & Social.

Making Sustainable spaces/decors involves more than simply doing what’s best for the environment. It is about using what is best to sustain human existence on the planet in the most enjoyable way.


Healthy options for you and your family

By making sustainable spaces and using eco-friendly décors. You are not just guarding our natural resources but also making ourselves and our environment free-from chemicals. For ex: these days many houses have been built using eco-friendly materials which are well-ventilated and requires less usage of Air-conditioners, lights etc in return creating zero airborne chemicals.

#Supporting small sustainable businesses

When we talk about sustainable business, they are usually small businesses promoting hand-made products. They are also sourcing products from small artisans directly which makes it more focused on fair-trade. This also helps in scaling up these businesses and hence promoting sustainable lifestyle at larger platform.


Eco-friendly décor is the first choice for the consumers these days :

It promotes Sustainable forestry which means conservation of forests for future generations. If we preserve forests for future generations then only environment will be good and liveable for longer period of time.

There are various agencies and NGOs which are providing labels to sustainable products which helps consumers to find real ones.

With the use of sustainable décor, we drastically reduce carbon-footprints and hence very minimal or you can say no negative environmental impacts.

Sustainable material and fabrics have been widely used in such decors which requires very a smaller number of resources for their making and further treatment.

These products are usually ethically made which means providing fair wages to workers, no child labour, use of less or no machinery that uses large amount of electricity.

Such manufacturing units works on minimizing the waste generation and create their inventory in such a way that produces less pollution and non-defective products.

Understanding how waste can be reduced


More Focus should be on REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE.Give your products a second life when you think its time to change it.Use more eco-friendly materials, murals & wallpapers, put more and more plants inside the house.

Age old methodology of weaving

Choose durable furniture’s and furnishings materials, try to add some fun elements to this time to time in order to make them interesting for longer period of time.

Design Creates Culture

Culture Shapes Value

Values Determines Future

Some Indian Brands of Sustainable Home Décor

KAR CONCIOUS LIVING: Founded by Jessica Marwah, Meenu Marwah & Akash Gulati. Word kar comes from karigar, they employed artisan women from indigenous tribes of Uttarakhand and creating products like cushions, beddings and tableware using hand-stitching, hand-knitting, crocheting techniques with materials like organic bio-washed cotton and hand-woven wools.

Chaotic harmony is what defines Arisaa’s Design language.

ARISAA: founded in 2019 by Aashka Desai, she states Chaotic harmony is what defines Arisaa’s Design language. Based at Ahmedabad, they create on-order rugs and installations using recycled pieces and traditional handicraft techniques. Hence, lessen the environmental impact.

an organic bed and bathing brand works on philosophy of planet positivity and affordable luxury

AMOUVE: It is an organic bed and bathing brand works on philosophy of planet positivity and affordable luxury. They produce their own organic cotton and then produce products out of it. Organic cotton also uses less-water as compared to regular cotton. This brand is founded by Ami Sata, she states when you’re spending one-third of your life in bed directly in contact with your bedsheets, it is necessary to know what goes into it.

The Brand focuses on minimalism in design.

BAROL DESIGNS: Based at Mumbai founded by Siddharth Sirohi, focuses on minimalism in design. They created handcrafted furniture and lighting products relying basically on old wood joinery methods for making their stuffs.

The brand produces contemporary techniques with the help of artisans

PINKLAY: This brand has partnered with more than 400 artisans and produce many contemporary designs using handcrafted techniques. It is home grown lifestyle brand founded by Daisy Tanwani making curtains, cushions, rugs, ceramic ware, wooden ware, casseroles, platters and more. They had to brick and mortar stores at Bengaluru & Mumbai apart from online presence.

Some Indian Brands of Sustainable Home Décor Advertised on Designs Insiders

A Cafe with 100% sustainable approach in small town of Jashpuur, Chattisgarh

GADH KALEWA , Jashpur : A 100% Sustianably designed Cafe -cum- Event space is designed by Ms. Harmeet hailing from a small town of Jashpur , Chattisgarh, Right from the bamboo entrance door to tree house to utensils that are used to cater the customer , the sustainable decor is designed by the Designer , who has been working on Sustainable Fashion at Studio 7.

A brand that produces upcycled Home & ashion Accessories

VIRMANSHA : A sustainable Decor brand ,moved by the idea of "upcycling textile waste." , an NIFT Alumni , Mrs. Shaivya Jaiswal started her brand with the help of local artisans. The brand makes various Fashion & Lifestyle products with the technique of Upcycling.


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