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Ethik: A new way to Vegan Fashion

“Guided by one principle: Ahmisa Parmo Dharma”

Ethik is one of the sustainable Indian brands featured at Shark Tank India established in year 2013 at Bengaluru, India. This brand is contributing a lot to mother earth as it is one of the finest vegan fashion brands made fashion accessories and garments.

Mission of this brand is to create of thriving ecosystem of sustainable and cruelty free products for the world. The brand has very different vision which make this brand preferred brand for the consumers who are conscious towards preservation of mother earth, the consumer of this brand is fashion savvy but equally takes responsibility of nature and earth.

Major Impact of the brand is:

  • Animal Friendly- Savings an Animal Life

  • Save Water- Reduce Water Wastage

  • Leather free living- Creating an ecosystem for leather alternatives

  • Reduce the carbon footprint on Fashion Industry

  • Promoting Cruelty free lifestyle

Pankaj Khabiya and Bharat Ranka founded Ethik in order to produce plant-based clothing and accessories, to fill a void in the Indian-market for high-quality non-leather footwear and accessories. Their most striking aspect is that they surpass leather equivalents across the board.

Range of Sustainable Leather

Their products and material resemble leather but they are totally plant-based and vegan. Ethik is happy to offer conscientious customers our ethically manufactured luxury non-leather items as part of the Live Leather Free campaign, which is the first step to Live Leather Free.

Advantages of Ethix :

You can shop their products with confidence as they are peta-approved.

As all the products are build on a principle of Ahmisa Parmo Dharma. No creature has been harmed during the production process directly or indirectly.


The process and materials that are used in making of these products are procured from world’s leading countries and belongs to finest materials.


Acts as a true friend for animals as it saves them from Slaughters & also a true friend for humans as the products made by them are long-lasting and comfortable.


As all the products are made to impress their consumers, they pass through various levels of testing in order to get approved. The parameters on which quality is tested are: Durability, Comfortability and Breathability.

Products are look like a leather but they are made up of non-leather and cruelty free materials.

“People and team at Ethik are compassionate, action activists & trendsetters who are continuously working towards making fashion ethical and sustainable for fashion lovers.”

Statistics, Marketing & Product Range of Ethix:

Range of fashion accessories from Ethik

The total valuation of the brand at present time is around 3 crores. Bharat Ranka is co-owner of the brand acquired 60% equity in 95 lakhs. The brand has made sales of 80 lakhs in initial 5 years (2012-17) with majority of sales through Store and outlets. Their brand has majority of sales through online website after January 2020 which is 25 lakhs. The Product range of the company includes majorly Footwear and Wallets. Majority of marketing is through social media and their own website. This brand is basically a Purpose-driven brand.

The brand has not got any equity sharing by any sharks but their feedback is worth learning for new entrepreneurs and small businesses. The major feedback that the brand has got is that they are very rigid and need flexibility in order to mould their marketing strategies which are not appropriate at this point of time. Secondly, they also need to upscale their products and launch them on various social media platforms through influencer marketing and make them available at various marketplaces like flipkart, myntra, ajio, tata cliq etc.

Shoes by Ethik

“Aman Gupta: The quality of the products is great”

“Anupam Mittal: Craftsmanship is very good. The feel is good too even though it’s not leather.”

“Peeyush Bansal: The products are extremely good”

The thing that is worth learning from this brand and its case study that even if a brand doesn’t get a investment that doesn’t mean that this brand is bad but the timing and strategies for getting investment is not right and they are needed to be mould accordingly in order to get succeed in future.

Design Insiders being a supporter of small businesses wishes all the best to ETHIX- LIVE LEATHER FREE for better future of the brand.


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