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Updated: Feb 13, 2023

With 17 centres of the premier design Institute, the National Institute of Fashion Technology , 7 National Institute of Designs & nearly thousands of NIFT & NID preparation Centres and Design Oriented colleges, there are more than 60 different forms of designing. Which kind of designer do you want to become ?

While most of the average college institutes, combine different forms of designing such as accessories , fashion , textile , knit , metal and leather into one core segment and design the whole curriculum extending from a short term course of 90days to an extended 4 years Bachelor in Design program, there are well-consulted colleges and universities working and researching on varied specialized fields of designing.

Only a few Specialized Colleges provide advanced specialized courses which are an integral part in defining the future of Branding and Design as a whole new concept, Interaction Design, Communication Design Design for Retail Experiences,U niversal Design, Information Design, New Media Environmental Graphic design ,Gowth Design,Space Design and the likes have just put soothing hands on the burning pain points of the current & future world. Churning out well read passouts to deal the Real World problems solutions to achieve the right solution formula,just at the right timing is what is required in today's uncertain timing.

Motion Design, Animation Design , Graphic Design & Conceptual Design have been taking exponential leap YOY, as the physical retail system is metamorphosing gradually into phygital stores and fully digital experiences . The number of apps growing into millions with each passing year , everything from airplane company to a local grocery store requiring it as a pre-requisite to be known amongst it's customers.

App Designer builds Digital Experiences for customers of different Industries

The scope of a Designer applies to multiple fields , and multiplies it's affects as it coincides with other verticals creating an entirely new experiences. Designers often work with people on multi-level employees / resources to create the overall product / experience. From a Textile designer , working along the maggam worker , selecting the beads and sequence of the right colour and quality to Furniture Designers working on the selection of woods , polishes & more. The UX designer working along with the IT team for background coding , the fashion Designer with the models , stylists & photographers to present the whole collection as one storyline. What binds all kinds of designers into a common thread are a couple of things. They are meant to solve a problem . And , they are all usually based on " Client's " demand.

This is what separates a designer from an artist. The commerciality . The mere baseline that a designer is meant to create a solution , based on client's though process , colour theme or may be formula, a designer has got their own set of challenges.

But as we speak of the scope : It's absolutely endlesss!!

In the upcoming articles , let's discuss about each of them one by one. The means ,scope , the job description , and their market value. It doesn't matter from which ethnicity , demography the designer belongs , Design is meant for the world to enjoy !


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