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Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Colors are always been the best part of any design or fashion. Colors always attract us aesthetically and they even impact us psychologically. It's surprizing that we get attracted or distracted by a specific product or design due to its color. So, we can definitely say that colors have always been a vital part of designing fashionable clothes / accessories , Home decor

The word “Fashion Forecasting” literally means predicting future trends that must be accepted by the mass market. In Technical terms, It is the prediction of the mood, behavior, and buying habits of the consumer. A fashion forecaster in simpler terms predicts colors, fabric, textures, materials, prints, graphics, beauty/grooming, accessories, footwear, street style, and looks that are showcased on the runways.

There are agencies all over the world that forecasts various trends, design & colors for specific year and season. Few to be named as WGSN, Fashion Snoops, Trendstop, Pantone, Color Marketing, Design Seeds etc. Pantone is one of the premier agencies of the world responsible for color trends. Pantone Institute provides color standards, brand identity, product color consulting, Fashion runway color trends report, color psychology and most importantly color of the year which is customized as per their rigorous research.


Vivid Magenta is a color that came out of a crimson shade this color is also called animated red, it is a pulsating color whose lavishness promotes love, joy passion, and optimism. As has already been said that it’s a hue of Crimson, it’s a color that provides balance between warm and cool colors. It is a carmine red which is not boldly dominating but instead takes a fist in velvet glove.

The colors that are forecasted by these agencies are usually inspired by the environment and nature, as natural things are always considered the best inspiration for innovation. Vivid Magenta is inspired by an insect named Cochineal, a 2-inch beetle-like bug mainly found in the American tropical highland region. This parasite is surviving for millenniums. This inspiration is an example of how a creature can survive in tough situations as humans survive Covid-19. The hardened shells of the beetle show us how to survive and speak about the bravery and fearlessness that we have acquired during the last two years. Thus, we can say that it’s the perfect inspiration for color of the year 2023.

Magentaverse is the new cool in the market and with the start of the year 2023, one can see them in pop-culture, concerts, exhibitions and on the fashion runways. It is widely adopted across all cultures due to its vividness. The interesting fact about this color is that it already exists in nature and can be seen in digital graphics like video games, cartoons & videos which makes it versatile to use everywhere. Pantone thinks that this color creates tension between the virtual and real world.

Hence, we can definitely conclude with an idea that the new year always contains new spirits for the year ahead as Vivid Magenta. This color of the year gives a new definition to the fashion industry of world.




rohit bajpai
rohit bajpai

Very informative and good points.

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