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Honoring the people who make the Glamour World Possible : An Initiative by Designs Insiders

Working in the design Industry taught us how millions of workers are involved in making the dreams of so many designers and brands across the world possible. So many artisans , so many skilled craftsmen , so many hands. And yet , so less of a platform to open their arms to feature them!

Thanks to the Design colleges , every student starting from the foundation is keen on knowing how to make a logo are stating themselves 'entrepreneur' as they take pride in 'Logo designing'. A designer's first encounter with the actual logo maker happens while he enters into the industry and an old-school method of making the artwork welcomes you. It continues to take you through an old shackled way through a thin lane, a man sitting with a monitor in front of him , working on the corel file making DTP for printers to print an artwork over a surface. The next stop you visit is probably a Printer's workshop. Another small 'real' entrepreneur you meet will probably presses a design on an iron dye probably against a Leather /PU a surface with full pressure , almost so rapidly that you forget the count.

Small space , 5-8 men in one room , small embossing machines , spread on all 4 sides of a room , just leaving enough space for you to enter into the heated , back to back workspace. This is an Embossing Factory in itself, probably pressing NIKE , Nautica , Hyundai , Nanavati all at ones, simultaneously.

Embossing Dyes : A tool used to imprint on a surface , mostly used for Branding , in other cases Designs on a thick surface
Embossing / Debossing Dye

Every Brand whose USP is Embroidery are well aware of these kind of intricate workmanship. Embroideries are a type of surface DEvelopment techniques usually used as an embellishment that enhances the over all look of a garment or an accessory.
Maggam Work / Hand Embroidery : A type of Embroidery setup that requires highly Skilled workmanship

While some areas are famous for a particular kind of printing technique , India being a manufacturing Giant , has numerous Printing Houses.
Block Printing : A Manual Printing Technique that involves multiple organic dyeing materials too

None , Absolutely None of the Design Houses are possible without these small set-ups making artworks , and dyes, producing colours , prints , embroideries and different kinds of washes and surface development techniques. None of the brands would have actually gotten their branding labels if not for these pillars who contribute heavily in the making of apparel & accessories. needless to say , if you own a brand you need either of them too!

Designs Insiders is promoting various Design Services , including Printing units , dyeing units , Embosssing units etc and lend a helping hand in being approachable by Brands across the globe
Screen Printing : A Manual Printing Technique

Be it Mumbai or Delhi , Kolkata or Chennai , the metros aren't just for high -rise building. These cities have ample production set-ups that make the base of  Fashion & Design Sector
Production Set-up : The Backbone of Industrial Age

Honoring these backstage people is a pride Designs Insiders takes pride in. We promote these creative minds who make the Fashion world even more glamourous. Be it in the terms of exotic prints as they get printed via skilled printers through screens or digitally, Embroidered/ embossed/ Printed Logo Designs, Embroidered surfaces, heat transferred stickers promoting so many companies and so many more services.

Designs Insiders, now promotes Design Services. If you are one too, come hold hands together and collaborate with brands across the globe. Get connected to each other and flourish even more while the pandemic is hitting harder each time on the spine of the economy. Let's help each other and grow mutually.


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