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Understanding Your Customer : A Reverse Process to hook your Client

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

What happens when you don't know who are you catering your products and services? What happens if you attract more of targetted ones who just not come to your counter to ask for prices but come often to buy ? What would happen if you could solve those problems your customers want to be solved but aren't able to solve themselves ?

Fashion started because of need. The need to cover up. Ones the need was fulfilled , variations in raw materials to design started. Jewellery is something people have always loved. Nowadays , the trend of switching from any field to Digital Marketing , User Experience i.e UX or Social Media Marketing, Security Services, AI etc have become the new normal with the pandemic. While everything is going online , becoming internet savvy is a thing now. But why is it so ?

Why is a jewellery company looking for a digital marketer ? Why is a medicine store looking for UX designer ? Or for that matter why is everyone going around looking for data ? What good does data do and why is the world tipping over anything to get customer data ?

Spotify , a song based app as you must know collects data of people listening to songs ,at what hour of the day , which kind of songs, genre and offcourse , every app that you install in your phone requires atleast or both your emails / contact numbers. What good you song choices be for a data collection app ? Why is Facebook charged with so many complaints of selling data to companies who own products and services.

Not just in today's world but since eternity , a common ground of exchange had been developed. A few gold coins in exchange of cows. A land in exchange of gold coins which gradually turned into your emi's and down payments. Exchange of goods / items aka trading or exchange of money i.e loan have defined human existence through centuries. A good trader knows who their customer is. A good business man knows for whom are the products made.

And that's why ads of dairy milk shows joy and enthusiasm while the ad of pressure cooker impresses the homemaker. Not just the product development but the marketing wing and the advertisers study the customer before placing out their products in the market. They are not everything to everybody. A good business knows how to churn out money by targetting the exact customer in the market.

Consider the three multi-brand stores , Reliance Trends , Max and Big bazaar. They all sell apparels and accessories. Do they sell the exact same thing ? Whom do they cater too ? What product ranges do they cover ? Menswear, womenswear and Kidswear, common customer. But are they common ?Let's check out ! Next time you visit these three MBR,checkout on these criteria -

• Is the quality of material used same ?

• Are the looks same ?

• Is there any difference in the type of apparels they display in each category ?

• Are price range same in these stores ?

You'll find an interesting find. There will be casual Tees to high range partywear dresses. But styles to looks ,quality to prices will all vary according to the store. Why is it so ?

Big Bazaar is known for its affordability. It caters to men , women and children from lower to middle class economy while on the other hand Reliance Trends is for middle to upper middle class economy. Even though the wider segment of customer 'seems' same , their physical ,psychological, financial goals and strategies are different in each sub-category of customers they wish to attract keeping in mind their price points , margin and profit.

Understanding your customer is as and more important than developing your product. The first step in even the biggest of the manufacturing or export sector is based on the 'Client' , which market are they targeting , what is their likes / dislikes , what do they yearn for this upcoming season , what is their buying capacity and a lot more in-depth things which help them materialize their ideas into products. The advertising industry is based on what customer to target. Packaging materials are developed based on how one' customers might feel. Websites are built by developers and designers keeping customers their core.

David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried , the Authors of the New Normal Work culture disrupts the old adage ,to make customers god by stating that you don't have to write all the customer's feedback in order to make every change the customer asks for , in their book Re-work. Not putting the customer on pedestal yet understanding how the end user is ultimately , would give amazing results in developing products , marketing materials , stories to hook via your brand . Isn't It ?



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