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Updated: Jun 8, 2022

By 2021, India is expected to generate $100 billion online retail revenue, out of which $35 billion will be through fashion E-commerce. Apparel online sales are set to grow 4 times in coming years.” Online retail is currently one of the biggest absorbers of NIFT/Design grads with a promise of a fine career ahead.

Think of a sector and see if a design graduate is not contributing to the sector. From working with grassroot level of artisans & weavers to extravagant HCL , Adobe , Adidas ,Ashok Leyland, Cognizant , D decor ,ebay ,Future Group, Nykka , TATA , Caratlane , JJ Vallaya , Sabyasachi mUkherjee , Lollypop Design Studio , BATA , Zara , Band Baja Baarat , Vogue , Van Huesen , Myntraa, ITC ; you name it ! While an aspirant is just looking at the extravagant campus and the 'happily ever after' life after being enrolled , it would be an utterly smart move to know where you are putting your first foot forward that would customize the 3/4th of your life !

Often Designing is inappropriately used as a synonym for Fashion design , wherein ' Fashion ' is a specific specialization under the umbrella of design . Majorly rooting it's significance on the basis of raw materials & / or the final product created , there are various courses for anyone looking forward to take an educational qualification / learn the nuances of designing with. A study based on different kinds , properties , handling & techniques of fabric is called Textile. While constructing a garment out of a fabric is what , in simplest terms Fashion Designing is all about. Likewise Ceramic Design , Knitwear Design , Glass Design , Leather Desighn , Jewelry design etc , as the name suggests are studies based on the handling of respective raw materials to make different products. Another segment of Designing deals with service sector.

Communication Design , Packaging Design , Graphic Design , App Design , UX /UI are all service based industry core segments. And then there are those courses which seem pretty new , but started since the earliest setup was made in India around 1966 - Product Design & the Industrial Design which infuses designing with technology to develop various problem solving products that helps survival of daily lives of community , bringing updation in agricultural & industrial growth.

Product Design was incorporated as course back in 1966 .

Sadly Designing often masks itself with an imposter syndrome in students who are creative but do not draw well. It is often considered that you draw / sketch well if you are wishing to be a designer or enter into a premier design institute. While it's and important criteria , it's not the only criteria for one to be a designer. The recent years have shown a gradual drift from the ever loved - Engineer or Doctor dilemma for Std. XII students. While entering into a 'different' type of study that provided break from a 15yrs extensive study & mugging up technique , enrolling into an art school is said to be a breather for many. Awareness & more evidently the glamour associated with fashion has lured thousands of students each year into the fashion & Design Industry. It becomes important to know what is it that you are vouching your future for!

Industries ranging from making of a yarn to developing 7million clothing items , a company with 300 stores across the globe , a startup with exclusive design service , Magazines binding different worlds in one thread & freelancers who can illustrate , sew , make a garment , make a 3D design of an automobile to a model wearing a dress , a 3-D clone of a jewelry you drool over on e-commerce sites , the newbie NFT's on the way , Design industry is ever evolving and spreading across the world in million forms and companies employing many.

What's important as a Design enthusiast is to to chose WELL among the large plethora of design Specifications colleges are providing each passing year. Do the specializations have a good scope ? Is the employment rate good ? Can that specific study help enhance your exposure? Can they add value to your journey ? Do you as a person are attached to what you are taking up next ? Guess it's time to ask the right questions!


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