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Interior Design Trends 2023

Home is always been the place where not only people stays but their heart and soul also stays with them. Someone’s home is always been the reflection of their oneself. Interior designing is always based on personal choices of a person. Every year like a fashion trends, interior design trends are also being predicted in order to make your choices for your dream house clearer. These trends predict the color, design and more importantly the kind of materials and fabrics to be used for upcoming season according to demographics and current demands of consumers all over the world.

“Sustainability in Interior Designing is the new trend”

Sustainable Designs and environmentally accepted designer interior products are the need of the hour and consumers are actively choosing them to design their dream house. Due to prevelance of Covid-19 in recent years, consumers have become more and more aware about products which are long lasting, environment friendly as well as having harmless designs. Peoples are more aware about the making process of the product.

“Long-lasting and Indestructible Fabrics will be in demand”

Mimic Fabrics and weaves will be in trend. Rugs, bedsheets & upholstery that are lookalike linen, pure cotton, velvet, textured fabrics but are washable, water repellent & dust repellent will be in trend as some of these fabrics woven out of yarns made using plastic and other such materials which are more sustainable and futuristic in nature. These kinds of fabrics have special properties such as stain resistant, washable and outdoor rated. These fabrics also not compromise on aesthetic purpose. Indestructible fabrics are not only sustainable in nature but also towards repurposing.

“Neutral and saturated paint colors will be in trend”

Colors always play a very important and crucial role in interior design. Saturated paint colors on wall and ceilings even in kids’ room with monochromatic color schemes with a punch of cool colors in it will be in trend for 2023. Gorgeous shades of blue, grey and greens mostly in pastel shades, bold and vibrant colors will be out in this season. More earthy shades will be in trend for upcoming year.

”Plasters are becoming more trendy after longer period of time”

Hard plasters with metal finishes becoming trendy after longer period of time. Plasters are used earlier in late 90’s in many textures and designs in order to enhance one of the walls of room and give it an aesthetically pleasing design. They are also meant for protecting the walls from environmental damages and weather conditions.

Muted neutral colors will be in trend, tropical design and floral wallpapers with very calming and neutral colors which are mostly found in nature will be in trend. Paint and wallpapers are meant to provide calmness to the house which is much needed in these uncertain times.

Soft Modern Designs, stripes, warm woods, natural stone slabs, statement lamps, nostalgic designs, enclosed kitchens, high gloss wood finishes, plaids, biophilic designs and gold ornamentation will be in trend for upcoming year 2023”

It is not enough to cater all the things which are in trend for 2023 but it can be concluded that this yearr's trend is more of the trend of sustainability and environmental designs which is actually an amalgamation of heritage and modern design ideas.


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