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SMB STORIES : A self taught Designer to Sustainable Cafe Owner

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

A self taught Single parent Fashion Designer , an environmentalist , an upcycling stylist and a Sustainable Cafe owner ! Who said a women can't have it all ?!

While majority of us think a degree makes it all possible , the passion in this woman will leave you awstruck. A Single parent , a multi-talented fashion Designer , Stylist , environmentalist , owner of a Self Help Group and now a proud owner of a government led sustainable start-up , Ms. Harmeet has been proving herself along all life hurdles with grit and smile!

While the Self Help group employes almost a dozen of village women with an initiative to make the best of mahuw or Butter Tree ( generally consumed by the men in village as an alcoholic drink ) for the good. The SHG empowers women by providing them work in the making of sweets and confectionaries of Mahuwa , else misused by the women and help them earn their living.

The self taught fashion designer calls herself rather a Sustainable Designer & stylist. Based in Jashpur , Chattisgarh , Studio 7 - Founded by Ms. Harmeet is a an epitome of hopes for tthe city. Converting a saree into 11 ways of styling from a gown , jumpsuit,dhoti and more , re-using an already existing dress to make multiple garments , styling with various mix and match fashion formulae is her USP. The designer keeps her well versed with the ongoing trend of softwares used in Design Industry like the basics & advanced such as Keyshots & CLO3D Fashion Virtual softwares to provide customer with best Designer & production experiences.

Well versed with different categories of fashion like menswear , womenswear & kidswear , the designer turned various kinds of clothing into a new designer wear.

Another venture that consumes Harmeet fully , both mentally satisfying and empowering is her new venture called Gadh Kalewa , a Total sustainable cafe where each and every structure to decoration is constructed by re-use of waste materials. From Beer bottle fountain at the entrance , Used water bottle boundaries to the earthen and bamboo vessels used to serve the customers. What's, most satisfying of all , saya Harmeet ,

It is the feeling that could make the men & women of the town to work for a creative cause.

Where while some serve the back-to-back customer base to the ones who sit in a corner asigned to make bamboo and cane furniture and decor items. The cafe is perfect example of Zero Waste Cafe.


To learn more about the conversation , click the link given below


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