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Mentor : Whom to take advice from !

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

A mentor empowers a person to see a possible future, and believe it can be obtained."

One of my friends was a very good painter. People around him always looked up to him as someone who used to inspire them. He was so perfect (at least we perceived him this way) that we never saw any flaw in his paintings. But still, some people used to advise him that he should have done better if he had gone under some training. Later he took the training from a well-known artist. The difference in the painting he used to do before and after training was quite visible. All his earlier paintings couldn't earn what his later single painting could earn for him.

Although it was not the very first instance when I was experiencing the impact of training on someone's life, I just found it worth mentioning.

Had we witnessed Sachin Tendulkar's greatest shot if he wasn't trained by Mr Achrekar. They are imperative to succeed in any field and their contribution cannot be denied. But, a mentor should be a disinterested person, so that they could hold a mirror to the mentee. They provide vast knowledge that they have earned through their experience. Thus, they save us from making silly mistakes and also pass the ages-old traditions to do certain things. This could lead to a better start. This saves energy and time that could be used for more creative and productive work. With mentors, our network expands and thus provides better chances to move forward.

Corporate Chanakya , written by Radhkrishnan Pillai, an expert on Chanakya's teachings, studied the ancient text "Kautilya's Arthashastra" from Chinmaya International Foundation. Kerala under the guidance of Dr. Gangadharan Nair. Currently the director of SPM Foundation, he is also part of University of Mumbai, designing various leadership programs. He is the recipient of Sardar Patel International award 2009.

Chosing the Right Mentor

In a world full of Free advices and everyone teaching everyone , how can you judge who can Guide you best ?

How will you determine if it is worth it to spend your valuable time with person who is mentoring you ?

  1. Know that you Can have Multiple Mentors for different spheres of your Life

Thankful to the rapidly changing times and accessibility to so many different kinds of Mentors related to quiet different areas of Life , Education , Lifestyle Design , How-to's , Tarot etc , you can have multiple mentors for different spheres of your life .

And know , that it is perfectly ok to be guided by someone who has a diffrent set of expertise to [rovide value to your life.

2. Choosing the RIGHT mentor is a matter of Research

Do a little background research . Nothing is hidden from the super-power of Internet. You can visit Instagram / LinkedIn profile or see a Facebook page to review profiles of the mentors.

3. Chose Who can give you advice

Don't ask a plumber how to make chicken curry !

Chose whom to take advice from . If there's no experience in a particular field one is talking about , how about ..a no ?

The one who doesn't know , won't be able to help you much.

4. Aging Like Wine

The more the number of years one puts into something , the more experienced you become.

The more Experienced one becomes , the more esasoned knowledge you can get, without adulteration.

Chose the Best ! Don't settle for less.

A mentor is someone who guides us towards our desired goals by offering their experienced advice.

They help mentees by setting effective and achievable goals, keeping them focused and motivating them to achieve their goals. Walking alone makes us tired easily, but with a mentor, the journey becomes a bit easier. Someone having high hopes and confidence in you serves as motivation. It is a kinda relief that there is always someone with us we can trust upon. A mentor is someone who embodies the habit and values we want to possess and thus can shape or influence a less experienced person.

Nowadays companies also conduct Mentoring Programs for their employees, a very appreciative way to encourage development and growth not only for companies but also for employees. This culture is not new.

Had it been easy for Rama to kill Ravana if he wasn't been trained by Vishwamitra?

It has been there in the world for ages. All our Scriptures mentioned such mentors. Such as Aristotle, Socrates, Plato, Dronacharya, Viswamitra and the list is endless. They not only proved to be a guiding soul but also a motivator who helped their mentees through rough patches.


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