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SMB STORIES : From a Leather Designer my Ournest Studio

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

From a childhood passion of drawing to studying in both the premier Design Institutes , The Designer-turned-Artist takes turns as both , to make Art - a part and parcel of life for all ages .

Based in Ghana , West Africa , a student of Leather design from National Institute of Fashion Technology & an alumni of National Institute of Design , Shraddha Tomar specializes in Lifestyle Accessories Design.

The artist owns her own studio, “Ournest Studio” which aims to explore people who want to explore art .The workshop caters to a diverse age group where the Love for Art binds them all in one thread . The studio is open to all ages , from kids aged 3 year old to elders aging 80.The workshop enjoys it’s share of community creation where students of all age group & even their parents flock together to explore the fun side of life through art.

As a Leather Designer , one learns about various raw materials and finishes. Along with it , majority of the module is all about handling the raw material and understanding the technicalities of construction of soft goods , hard goods and apparel. When asked if Designing has helped her through the course of building her own art studio , Shraddha says " Design is like a backbone. It has helped me creating the right kind of visual language and therby right aesthetics for my brand".

"While at NIFT , I learned about making of various Lifestyle products , I laid my hands on my favourite hobby in my post graduate programme while pursuing further the course of Lifestyle Accessories Designer at NID." , says the Designer who is now amalgamating her artworks into Lifestyle accessories such as Stationaries , bags , trays , pouches etc. along with her services into potraits , wall murals , woodslice arts & art workshops in Ghana , west Africa.

While exploring different mediums for her artworks , Shraddha explored various mediums from micron pens , oil pastels , water colour and more to trying out rendering same things with diferent mediums on different kinds of paper to understand difference in handling and impressions created by each.


“It started off as a hobby while doing a regular 9-5job in Kolkata , which gradually took it’s shape into a full time work” , the designer says. It started by exploring different kinds of stationeries from different mediums to different kinds of paper qualities and started enjoying the process. Most people do not know that a certain medium requires a particular kind of paper too." , the Designer-Turned-Water Colour Artist says as she emphasises on working on different mediums & different processes.

Dive into the Video to know how you can create your own Style as an Artist / Designer and Commercialize it .

"Inspiration is infinite" , she spills out as she talks about how a design student can take inspiration from anywhere just by being observant enough. It is important to learn the basics but exploring different places ,different form of croqui given depth into your work .The inspiration is meant to communicate through your work. Avoid taking inspiration from same field you are specializing in is what makes her art stand out as Shraddha's journey bases itself on the words she speak : Practice.. a lot ! And that's how you find your own style. As I practiced more and more , I found my style of work is mainly inspired from nature and travel.

When asked about Inspiration , the artist has a clear stake when she says "Tear off anything that you feel copied! Keep Inspiration & Individuality separate. Learn and do something different , that’s how you will find your own signature .At times you have to take a break from other’s opinions and take the decision all by " . She remembers an incident from her post graduation module when she was called off by saying she isn't 'good enough' in water colouring and that one should use the medium in which you are 'comfortable' in.


Rather than going through the conventional mediums and processes , breaking out of your comfort zone can open new horizons for you. And as the artists enjoyed the process , she went through various tutorials and practiced enough to make the medium work for her , just the right way who Designs to Narrate Stories now. She chuckles and suggests to try the process as the art is a therapy in it's own way.

Winning accolades for her Water Colour Art in the exhibition organized by the Indian Association of Ghana , Conducting workshop for water-colour lamp at PLAPP , Clay faces at Bal Bhawan - Jaipur , Home Decor workshop at University of Allahabad , Shraddha started her own Watercolour Art studio named "Ournest Studio" in the year 2018 , which now serves as a fun therapy session for anyone (age no bar) wants to learn water colour art.


To learn more about the conversation , click the link given below


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