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SMB STORIES : Inspiring young Entrepreneur : Nishi Agarwal

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

The startup community knows today about the ideation , validation , MVP & funding stage. As a 19 year old girl from Bisawar, a small town 10kms from Mathura wove her dream of following the footsteps of her parents , with a broken hand and a year old typhoid struck body back in 2021 to build a business that has gained traction of thousands of clients and lakhs of return in less than a year's time.

The young entrepreneur, now in her 20’s remembers her scars with a broad smile. ‘ Keep smiling , life’s worries won’t let you sit in peace if you keep worrying ', as she sees her hand , fractured into 3 parts and a rod holding it together. ‘ I kept smiling as if nothing had happened when my dad and I got hit by a bus. My 15day training in Noida was haulted by the accident , I stayed bed-ridden for around a year, later due to typhoid and extreme lung infection that came with it. Bored with my body conditions , all I could think was to start something of my own when even my limbs weren't moving” , Nishi said gleaming with hope and dreams in her eyes , her enterprise ready to get Trademark in some time ahead!

Growing in a family with 3 other siblings , all of them are nurtured in a business background. With a Gifting shop owned by her father , a cosmetic & boutique shop run by her mom and none of her siblings in a job , the mindset from a job she had started since the age of 19 , subtly shifted to the start of a handmade Jewellery business when her body laid still and mind ran in miles , simultaneously , from the hospital bed. 'We have been sitting at our Dad’s shop since our childhood. Managing customers has become a second nature , as we’ve seen our forefathers do it. But the way businesses are growing today has changed. I started off with my mother’s first 10,000 investment but I aim to grow PAN India with my own brand. ‘ , the sole owner of Nishi Creation states with an unflinching faith.

A startup is technically , a company in early stage of operations. In her case the early stage included Nishi trying out various products and understanding their demand. It started with a little keychain and now the product range has widended from Macrame Mirrors to Laddoo Gopal & Lord Ganesha’s face to all kinds of hair accessories and floral accessories. Her father, Mr. Pramod Agarwal was the first to hold her hands in life and in business.The initial investor , her mom , Mrs. Malti Agarwal helped Nishi bootstrap her business and she has been able to sell accessories worth more than a lakh in a little span of time. The demand wasn’t stopping , so the production started . And so did online and offline marketing. A business is bound to take leap of calculated risks. Her products , which started it’s journey from being sold at her parent’s shops evolved into her area & nearby cities gradually , now in bulk.

When most starters are stuck by imposter syndrome , taking a step back and forth in anticipation if it would work out or not , Nishi decided to take another plunge and registered her GST making Nishi Creations a legal entity hailing from a small town of Uttar Pradesh , reaching out PAN India with her products , selling both online and offline & via various social media platforms. Handling designing , Photography , Marketing & Business for Diwali decoratives and jewellery all by her own , she is helped by her sister in developing customized Macrame décor pieces. On asking if her parents have been helping her pulling out her business tactics , she proudly says ‘ My mother has been invested in my business at the initial stage and has now become one of my marketing channels , where my customized jewellery is being sold. My father helped me reach out to first shop with my first bulk order , and since then I have been running my business independently. The product range has now grown to floral accessories , hair accessories , home decor handmade items such as floral decors , Toran and Diwali decoratives in affordable range and unique designs.

‘I had never thought “ If my business would run or not”. I just knew what I had to do and I have been doing that. And since the time I’ve started building my own business, there’ s no looking back. I aspire to become an independent woman before my marriage with my own business. My family is very happy seeing my progress and the fact that I can churn out my own living and grow from such a small town along with my family chores. ‘, Nishi speaks highly of her family whom she believes they just brought us onto the earth, no matter what , it’s our responsibility to make or destroy our lives.

Nishi , the founder of Nishi creation believes in learning. With no official degree in designing , she learnt designing her jewellery thanks to Youtube and her presentations improved drastically when she took the photography session here with us , she says. Before the introduction of classes , it was just about making a product and posting on Instagram but running a business has taught the young chap it requires more skills than that. The youngsters of today have taught the world a way to live , ‘ Take small steps , you’ll be able to find the right direction eventually’ , speaks the young entrepreneur.

Wishing her on expanding her business worldwide, we Wish Nishi all the good luck in the world to fulfill her endeavours.


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