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SMB Stories : The Most Beautiful stories comes from hardest Struggles : RUBIYA INAAMDAR

The most beautiful people we have known are those who have gone through disappointment, suffering, failure, and pain, and made their way through the darkness. They have an insight into life that fills them with compassion, gentleness and a deep loving sense. Our guest of the week Rubia Inaamdaar, resident of Sholapur, Maharastra, truly deserves such introduction.

A postgraduate and throughout topper Rubia never confined herself to one field and allowed her versatility to expand. She belongs to a community where it is not considered decent for girls to study more. Even her family members were not in favour of her passion to continue her studies further.

She was residing in a village and she had to cover the distance of a few km to the institute on her foot. But she never allowed such impediments to stop her and went ahead to earn diplomas in agricultural science, Operation theatre assistant, and NTT (the diploma required for teaching nursery class). She even served for some period in a hospital.

She was preparing to gain a victory over misery with her skill, but destiny had some other plans. After marriage, she joined a school, but her commitments didn't permit her to continue with her job and she had to bring it to a halt. She was still on a solitary journey but adamant to make it someday.

The aching soul was in quest for an endeavour that could bestow meaning to her existence when In the year 2021, she learnt about jewellery design. She found it absorbing and concluded to continue with it. But she was allowed to use only those tiring hours which are left after a long day of household chores when everyone sleeps at night. She is inclined to push her limits to any extent to accomplish her pursuits. She believes that we should spend our time focusing on the opportunities of tomorrow rather than what happened yesterday.

A deprived heart better understands the suffering of others. She works harder to contribute to a better future for her kids with the things she desired and was greatly entitled to but was never provided.

Rubia's venture started with her designing all kinds of artificial jewellery a year back but now she's focused on floral jewellery only. She also customises her jewellery. Her first order was sold for three times its cost. She sells her products online through Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook and most of her clients are outsiders.

She is also a registered seller on the app 'Bikaai'. She claims that after learning Photo styling from 'Shraddha Gosavi' of Designs Insiders, her followers have increased significantly on social media. Her striking photos are pinned more than ever before by people. Her learning has been contributing to enhancing the number of her clients continuously.

Her younger sister is her only support and she feels blessed to have a sister like her.

She also considers the founder of Designs Insiders, Ms. Renu as one of her greatest motivations. Through Designs Insiders, we want to reach far and wide to the people who need such a platform the most. It is a matter of pride for us that we are reflected as a ray of hope in someone's life.

Rabia is on her way to emancipating an age-old conception, that doesn't allow girls to materialise their ambition, with her brand 'Ishrat Creations'. We are thankful to her for sharing her inspiring journey with us and wish her luck for a bright and abundant future.


Visit Ishu Flower Jewellery Creation at


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