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Embrace the Future : Sportswear Trends 2023

Sportswear is clothing including footwear which is worn for sport or physical exercise. Sportswear is professionally designed to maximize the physical performance; it is traditionally meant for wearing for shorter period of time and designed as per the need to specific sport as well as climatic conditions.

Leisure sportswear is another type of wear popularised more as a casual wear among youth in recent years due to its durability, comfortability and high-performance even in humid climate.

Sportswear is broadly divided into two categories:

  • Active Wear : It is referred to a garment that are intended to provide combination of aesthetic, style, comfort and functionality in less competitive mode such as casual wear and exercise.

  • Performance Wear: It is made for higher activity levels, perhaps in competitive mode and under extreme climates. The necessitates different level of functional characteristics associated with different sports.

Active Sportswear is taking over the fashion world and this article will talk about latest trends in sportswear for spring summer 2023.

Active sports wear Trends 2023

Retro 1990’s Look: Throwbacks, Neon, Tie-Dye

Sportwear Trends 2023 : Retro Theme
Retro Look into Sportwear Fashion

This season’s active wear look will become more nostalgic with more and more focus on neon and pop colors, throwbacks. It’s always been the phenomena in fashion that past always return in new avatar. Major active sportswear brands like Nike, Adidas, Rebook all are relaunching their 90’s classic style again in the new trend.

High waist leggings, sports bra & track-suits with bold logos will be the fashion for sportswear this season and this surge is expected to carry for years.

Neon Colors specially Neon Orange & Yellow

Sportwear Trends 2023 : neon Highlights
Neon colours in Orange , Yellow , Blue are in trend

Neon colors are in trends during late 80’s and 90’s but they will be back in trend this year with a bang. Whites’, greys and black will be the first choice as always for sportswear but now with a touch of neon to it.

Sportwear Trends 2023 : Neon Colours
Neon Orange , Yellow , Blue are in Trend for Sportwear 2023

Tie-dye is another trend that will come this year that will make active wear more eye-catching and vibrant.

The One-piece Revolution

This season will see a rise in one-piece garments includes jump-suits, rompers and bike-unitards. These garments are in trend in past as well so nothing is much new for consumers but these are known for their comfort and style.

Sportwear Trends 2023 :One Peice Revolution
Sportwear Trends 2023 : Rompers , Jumpsuits etc

These garments are also practical for a variety of activities. For instance, jumpsuits are perfect for yoga or Pilates thanks to their limited fabric and standard use of multi-way stretch materials, which allows for a full range of motion. Rompers, on the other hand, are ideal for running or hiking as they provide support and coverage without being too bulky.

They can easily be dressed up or down depending upon the occasion and requirement. Active sportswear is always been the first choice for teenagers because of its comfort and flexibility. Jumpsuits & Rompers are serving the purpose correctly.

Activewear Dresses

Initially dresses in sportswear are meant for only tennis and golf but now active sportswear dresses are in trend for all the youths due to no worry about matching tops and bottom as well as the comfort that these dresses provide is incomparable.

Sportwear Trends 2023 : Activewear Dresses
aActivewear Dresses are a trend for Youth in 2023

By using several antibacterial fabrics like Sea cell & Bamboo Charcoal, the active wear dresses handle rigorous activity and provides moisture-wicking, odour resistance and antibacterial properties.

Mesh Moment

Mesh is having a moment in activewear, steadily becoming a top fabrication in the market for both men and women.

This breathable textile is comfortable as well as stylish, adding a bit of forward texture to any workout fit. Mesh is already a top trend on the runways and becoming a fan favourite among accessories, tops and bottoms in activewear.

Eco-materials over Conventional Materials

As In other garments and fashion sustainable & eco-friendly materials are in great demand same happening with active sportswear also in the upcoming season. With the introduction of eco materials in sports wear the garments hence made are more odour-free, sweat- resistant and having anti-bacterial properties.

Sportwear Trends 2023 : Eco-friendly materials
Eco-friendly materials & Braethable Textiles are in !

People are aware that synthetic polyester is made using petroleum and that’s the reason both brands and consumers are shifting to unconventional sustainable materials for upcoming fashion.

Shades of Blue

Sportwear Trends 2023 : Various shades of blue can be seen in Sportswear Trends 2023
Sportwear Trends 2023 : Shades of Blue

Blue is always been one of the favourite color for sports persons. Blue is the “it” color in activewear from icy shades to electric hues. Whether it’s a matching set or workout jumpsuit, brands are mixing and matching shades of blue for a fresh look. Plus, consider other earthy hues like sage and evergreen for a more grounded palette.

Other active sportswear trends that will spark this season are Yoga Pants, Bra Tops, Men Shorts & Sneaker Heads.

Sports wear are always been the choice for both sportspersons and even for teenagers as a casual wear. We at design insiders gave an instance and a glimpse on sportswear to allow budding designers and small businesses to design their upcoming collections in more unique and trending ways.

Here are the Fashion forward Trends for Sportwear 2023 that will keep you in high spirits and fashionable.


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