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Beyond Green: The Sustainable Style Revolution of 2023 - Future of Fashion, Home & Lifestyle

Basic objectives of sustainable design & fashion are:
  • Reduce consumption of non-renewal resources.

  • Minimize waste

  • Create healthy and productive environment.

Sustainable design trends are helpful for improving present quality of life as well, save more and more resources in order to improve future generations . In today’s time, pollution and depletion of natural resources are at it's peak and application of sustainability trends is necessary in all areas be it apparel or garment sector, home décor, Jewellery and Accessories. There are many brands, small businesses and entrepreneurs who chose to work on sustainability and create products that are with Saving mother earth.

Sustainable Fashion Trends 2023

Sustainable fashion trends of 2023 focus on modular fashion and reusable clothing. This year trends urges people to say no to fast fashion.

An earth image signifying embracing sustainable choices

  • Recycled plastic waste will be converted into fabric. As traditional technical apparels such as sportswear, outerwear and swimwear made from materials that are highly polluting and non-renewal. As these resources are finite in nature, its crucial to move away from the conventional linear model “take-make-waste” as soon as possible. It’s time to prioritise a more inclusive and regenerative circular economy.

recycling one product into another

  • Second hand clothing boom and rental-clothing rising, focus would be on circular fashion which involves designing clothes that can be upcycled, reusable and repurposed.

A workforce working towards a clean environemnt

  • Eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, hemp and bamboo. Implementing sustainable production practices using less water and energy can be seen.

100% Recyclable Materials

  • Transparency in supply chain and

manufacturing technique can also be applied.

Sustainable Home Décor Trends 2023

  • The Return of Nature, interior design trends will see use of plants in interior spaces, uses of recycled or handcrafted elements, sustainable furniture and use of materials such as wood bamboo would be in trend.

Cozy home decor with minimal eco-friendly elements

  • Minimalistic approach for designing interior spaces would be in trend in order to eliminate resource wastage. The motto would be on increasing comfort and relaxation.

Nature as a Decor

  • The return of decoration style like art deco, art noveau and pop art can be seen this year called as return of glamour in decoration. Use of both cool and warm color can be seen simultaneously.

Sustainable Jewellery and Accessories Trends 2023
  • 2023 is set to be year of Minimalism, Sophistication and Sustainability in fashion and accessories.

Minimal Jewellery : A trend for 2023

  • This year jewelleries, accessories and fashion would be mix of classic, timeless pieces and contemporary designs that make a subtle statement and became an extension of the wearer.

Minimal Gold that lasts forever

  • Minimalistic fine gold chains are coming back in a big way. Light weight jewellery will be in trend with diamonds.

  • Forever pieces jewellery made from diamonds and other precious stones and metals going to be in trend.

Diamonds & Other Precious Stones in Trend

There will less or no use of plastic and other harmful materials in jewellery and accessories as they are creating allergies among the user.

Sustainability is also been adopted in food items as well more and more use of plant-based diets & immunity boosting ingredients that are freshly grown will be in trend for 2023.

Sustainability should be the lifestyle of everyone as the pollution and depletion of earth resources is on its peak. Sustainable designs provide one a new-way of thinking and living which is not only good for themselves but also helpful for our next generation.

To make our mother earth happy, Lets live Sustainable !


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