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The Big 2022 Marketing Trend : The Year of Nano Influencers

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

A wildlife photographer , my friend , loves to spend his time in the woods. Her job requires her to travel a lot. She recently visited a place near Delhi and Rajasthan border. She gave all the descriptions of how one can book a cottage there and how much money one requires to spend a few days there. The place was so alluring that I instantly made up my mind to visit that place. That friend , my dear friends has grown to be a travel Influencer with over 47k Followers !

An influencer is someone with the power to leave an impact on society.

Influencers have a long history in the marketing field. Earlier brands or companies used to feature celebrities and sports personalities in ads to promote their product through TV or radio. Since then social media has covered a long distance. Now, the influence marketing isn't confined to the known personalities of any field only, infact now a lot of people have become a part of the umbrella. Now we have different social platforms across which product promotion is made. With each passing day, more people are falling into the category of influencer , some spilling colorss in the festivity , while some posing for antique jewellerys in the vintage-inspired photography. The picturesque just mesmerizing!

Do we not want to know from our near and dear ones about the place they have visited recently and where we shall plan our next trip ?? These influencers have become a range ,obviously age no bar! From traveling to visiting museums to hotels & retaurants , making a little garden space their Live Studio & some do the tricks with their creative reels. So many of our friends , including ourselves are addicted to reviews & make our buying decisions based on these relatable content creators who share recommendations becoming influencers in the current trending world.

70% of teenagers youtube subscribers trusts influencers over traditional celebrities. 57% of beauty & fashion companies use influencers as a part of their marketing strategies.

Past years have proven that we don't need big names to promote our product and attract consumers. The years 2020 & 2021 pushed us on a path where we had left with no other choice but to be adaptive to the situation. Nano influencer marketing is the new strategy of marketing that is going to trend in 2022 and years ahead. Being very cost-effective, it is not less than a boon to many businesses, especially for those who are in their early stage of business. Moreover, companies don't need to tell them how to make content for their product. Influencers charge only a few thousand for their review on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc.

60% of customers have been influenced by social media posts . Around 1.324 billion population , social networking penetration in India is 14% , yet second largest consumer after China .Among different types of influencers, we have nano influencers who claim to have somewhere from 1000 - 10,000 followers, especially on Instagram. They are not like our celebrities.

Posing amidst the Ganges for a Banarsi Saree Brand
SEJAL JAISWAL , An Influencer from Varanasi

What makes Nano Influencers so special ?


They cater for a niche that makes them . What makes them relateable is being (and feeling) as one of us unlike the far-fetched Elite group of people too good to be true. They are the people we meet every day.


As they have a personal interaction with their followers, so can drive more engagement. They connect with their followers by reviewing any product or service they have used, thus building a genuine connection with their community.


Because of the genuinity in the content , these growing phase in the followers make these influencers connect even more , requiring contact feedback from the customers & viewers.


Relevant Content with touchpoints build emotional & experiential connection. Micro and nano influencers are a rage on youtube , where multi-lingual facilitators connect to the audience and talk about every topic and merchandise possible in the world.


They are people from (actually!) next door. We co-relate more to them than to high-class influencers. They may have few followers but they are more connected to them. They don't create content to impress the marketers rather they genuinely love the connection.

As the world is escalating towards e-commerce and digital marketing, Influencers have taken over the responsibility of marketing brands in every field ranging from Ed-tech to fashion to pharma. This new workforce also opens the door for aspiring influencers thus a tool to fight unemployment.

Influencer Marketing is roaring and is yet to soar higher in upcoming days. Every start-up is looking for advertisement , a highly commendable time to be present in the platforms where they can be noticed by the brands most for regular collaboration opportunities.


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