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What story does your Brand narrate ?

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Branding seems a fancy word. And hell yes it is , in all possible forms. You sit on your couch and browse through the array of different e-commerce apps. All you wonder seeing the apparel you look through is how it will make you feel. Fashion has long been associated with psychology in subtle sub-conscious ways. The way you carry yourself is how other’s perceive you. The mort comfortable you are in your skin , the more comfortable you will be. We all understand about building our own personalities , about standing like a rock amidst the storm or probably being resilient through the odd times makes us who we are .

What makes our Brand though ? What story does our Brands narrate ?

The largest marketing channel , the social media platforms are full of people and brands with different personality traits. But you like only those reels or post in which you vibe with the feeling , want to become something similar or get attached to it because you can relate it to your life or situations. Heartbroken relate to similar kind of writing community who reveal what they feel , the ones who are energetic or feel like having a motivation look forward to motivational content. The ones who are in a startup are looking for peers in the entrepreneurial market. And the ones mindlessly browsing are browsing the best presentations in the genre they wish to see their lives in - be it food , media , fashion statement , apparel & / jewellery.

Likewise , Brand Personality attracts customers who vibe with your products & services.

Brand personality refers to the association of human characteristics and traits with the brand to which the customers can relate.

The best way to hook someone is to hook their attention. The better a brand works on it’s aesthetics the better Brand it becomes. Personality of brand helps it vibe with the correct target market. While we talk about fashion and Brand , everything boils down to human psychology. Colour affects moods. Moods triggers emotions. Emotions turns into impulses and that’s what brands are looking to have in the first place. Every brand you see triggers an emotion.

For Example , the brand Peter England , sure seems to be a high -end brand but is known for its affordable price and superior quality along with good quality labelling and production using fine material. The designs are modern, edgy and contemporary that define boldly the style of the modern Indian man and the merchandising of the brand is well-orchestrated. The brand is easily available to men across the country owing to its widespread distribution and availability. Branding helps you identify your customer and build an image to attract similar kinds of customers ina targeted manner, oblivious to naked eyes.

While Louis Vuitton, LVMH's top fashion brand , exudes aura of a luxe Brand.The label , the store , the price , the target market , the positioning ia all around the brand Identity LV creates for itself.

In short , when Your Brand Image is right , the customers you are seeking , in turn seek you back. If not , the struggle to create a market -fit product puzzle continues to play . Even with the right kind of product you are not able to make sales.

Business Tricks you solve when you solve your Brand Image :

> Helps your customers relate / vibe to your brand

> It helps you understand your customer well , in turn helping you in ideation & product development phase

> Your Target Audience gets attracted to you , thanks to the vibe your Brand exudes.

> Your Pricing strategy suits just right with your clients.

> Your Sales shoots up because now you know your RIGHT PRODUCT , with RIGHT PRICING is hitting the RIGHT CUSTOMER.

> Your Marketing Material is now in place - which includes the Logo is incredible , the content of your social media platforms , websites , leaflet , etc are just right because you now know who is the person you are trying to attract.

> It not only resolves your Product & Pricing strategy , it helps the in creation of right copywriting and advertisement props to target the right segment of market , everything resulting in good sales.

Stories have binded us all since centuries . Marketing your brand is no less than story telling. Afterall we are all humans , and attracting better human beings !

What story is your brand narrating ?



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