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Updated: Feb 13, 2023

A wrong customer is like a wrong guy. Seems handsome , checks you out , asks you out but is into someone else. You might feel tingles when he arrives , get goosebumps when he checks you out but when it comes to real communication , he is nowhere to be seen. And that my friend , is a red flag !

The delicate yet the strongest relationship is that of a customer & a business. A business is meant to allure customers the right way such that the right kind of customers reached it out. The dressing up is what Branding is all about. It attracts the customer without even speaking to it. It decks up in the most appropriate manner like one fleshes out just the right clothing and makeup when going out for a particular event . And when you are amidst the crowd , you still not one in the crowd. You stand out of the crowd ! That’s what correct Branding do to you , it makes you stand out from the crowd. It helps you swim faster across the sea of millions of other brands by the value you create around your brand. That’s what attracts you the ‘ right consumer’ to you.

More often than not , the checking out of prices is a loud indication that the one asking may be a potential client. A potential client is someone who ‘might’ take your product or have the chances of buying your product. But what is the probability of someone buying a product from you. Well , it depends on a number of factors ,and the intensive study of how customers make buying decisions is termed as consumer behaviour. Consumer behavior is the revision of how individuals make decisions about what they purchase, would like, require, or do something in regards to a manufactured goods, service, or business.

While consumer’s own demographic , ethnographic , gender , perception , attitude , personal & professional background , buying capacity , and a lot other things , it is directly related to selling anything and everything on earth. While marketing & psychology are entirely different subjects , the amalgamation of the two might work wonders for entrepreneurs building their businesses. Since the year 2020 , a lot of brands have introduced what is called “Human Touch” to the brand. It helps directly communicate with the brand , no matter how small or big the brand is , and that is how #bts # pov are trending these days. While the 15-30 sec videos have hit hot in the market , a lot of them shows the person working behind the brand to make a connection with the brand , portraying there isn’t a machine cooking up products ready to being sold in the most sophisticated style. Communication is what binds the social animal , with the world , in person or virtually.

Consumer behavior is the first step of building the product. Scaling up your business has become a ‘thing’ now , little lesser known fact being , you must scale only after you crack your PMF; Product Market Fit stage. A quadrant of the startup is set when your perfect product piece gets attached to your ,market puzzle. Until then the hit & trial happens. Luckily , how consumer behaves can be influenced in multiple ways. It is the same as a friend manipulating you to go to a party when you are in absolutely no mood to budge ! She / he coaxes you , gives you multiple benefits of the moment and sometimes drags you into their motive. The better they know you , the better they can influence your decision . And thus the better the brand knows their consumer , the better they convince the buyer to budge and buy their products.

As a solopreneur it becomes difficult to even notice the foundation of building the right product. At corporates , the study of market & consumer behaviour begins at the core level , it helps the product manager build the product around what the customer needs , the Design department influences consumer’s buying behaviour by introducing the right kind of designs including the Virtual assistance via combining the right colour , font , design starting from your logo , to website to your packaging materials to building your branding kit. The photographer or the photo stylist tends to know what exactly will attract the consumer like bees to the brand , and last but definitely not the least , the whole advertising & marketing mantra is built on consumer psychology , whether offline or online. Hence AI is routine out it’s map like water because they understand what you want !

Can you sense the number of people involved in the field of influencing consumers decisions , when you are , on point dismissing the fact that it is indeed knowing your customer that can change the game for you ? !


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